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Our history

The history of 1303 Hwy 45 shows that the original building was constructed between 1929 and 1954, after the October 12th, 1918 forest fire. Although the city eventually rebuilt, six towns & villages were destroyed, and over 550 people lost their lives.


The Golden Gate Motel & Nite Club started as a combo motel and swanky supper club that hosted many wedding dances.


The building went through a major remodel in 2003 as the Wood City Bar & Grille; it supported a couple other restaurants before another revamp in 2009, which became what it is today. The motel was sold off prior and operated independently until it was demolished in November of 2019.

Trapper Pete's was inspired by the roots of this area, beginning in the mid 1700's on the St. Louis River. Although this town is small, it has a rich history of fur trading for early native people (first the Dakota and later the Ojibwe).

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